Note #91 // What Victoria Beckham Taught me

Victoria Beckham is 40 today. I've cast my eye over a few articles about her various incarnations over the years, and it made me think about how I was feeling about age a few weeks ago. In truth, whilst we may think that at any given time we have our lives planned down to a T, we're all always constantly evolving: changing, tweaking the plans, adapting when life takes you a route you didn't expect. 

VB has gone from pouting Spice Girl to Fashion Queen. And while she was once the tennis ball boob toting queen of the WAGs (heck, we all make mistakes - I once had ginger hair - long story), I think we can now see she's right where she's meant to be. She walks with a different swagger; a confidence that says,'I'm comfortable being me. I don't smile, and often my bag is bigger than the circumference of my waist, but I'm okay with that.' It took some time, but she found herself, her passion, what makes her happy and makes her her. 

And that's what we're all looking for really. I just need to chill out. Though, I spend so much time trying to be a perfectionist, I guess life would be pretty boring if you got everything right, first time. How would you know what success tasted like, if you never felt the gripping confines of failure? 

Life is long and I can't predict it all, but if I stay true to myself, I'm sure I'll end up where I'm meant to be. My journey is unique and individually carved out for only me to live it. Sasha, calm down dear, you're only 28. You've got plenty of mistakes left in you yet.

P.S. If VB can come from matching leather outfits (even if it is with David Beckham) to topping the fashion food chain, there's hope for us all.

P.P.S. Because I couldn't fill this post with all of my favourite VB looks, I created a Pinterest board, natch. 

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