Note #92 // Living for the weekend

I am loving the weekends now that the clocks have gone back and the sun is coming out to play a little more often. It's rather ironic that given I've been absolutely packing my weekends to the rafters, I have not one single plan to leave the house now the Easter bank holiday is here. I'm conscious that every weekend I exhaust myself with plans and then have five days of work to get through, so I'm staying home for some serious R&R.

Trying to style up a red leather jacket that was £10! I felt like Michael Jackson in Thriller.
Last Sunday, I hit up Pimlico car boot sale with Laura D. The sun was shining, and indeed, the weather was sweet. I'm giving next month the moniker: Money-making May, and I'm hoping to go back as a seller to clear some space in my wardrobe and make some cash. I practised uber levels of self-discipline and only came away with one item: a tiny gold cross-body satchel (if you can even call it that, I can barely fit my phone in it), for the barginola price of 50p.

Great view of Battersea Power Station on our walk
We took an idyllic walk from Pimlico to Chelsea and settled for pancakes at my Old Dutch. If you want some idea of size, I'd compare the width of each pancake to a Philip Lim Pashli bag (when in Chelsea dahling, one must make the appropriate comparisons). Obviously we found space for dessert too. 

We found a good wall and Laura took some pics of me (in typical clichéd blogger style), which are easily my new faves. I don't take natural-looking photos off the bat, but it seems being shattered from a mammoth walk (and drinking the previous night) and eating myself into a food coma is the key to a batch of decent photos!

I'm wearing the pieces that are most often on rotation in my wardrobe at the moment: fluffy denim jacket from Topshop (because sometimes the sun lies), Nike Air Max 1s and my 'stressed but well dressed' clutch from Zara. NB. I'm not stressed, whenever I see that side, I just think, "well stressed spelt backwards spells desserts!" I'm also switching into my summer gear, so the basics from H&M, like this dress, come to the front of the 'drobe. 

After leaving Laura, I took a walk down the Kings Road, spotting Jamie from Made In Chelsea, but I wasn't quick enough of the draw to get a blurry pic of him sauntering down the road in his red kicks though.

I hope you're all having a lovely Easter! I'm waiting 'til tomorrow to get my Easter eggs - I am going to be winning in the chocolate stakes - hello reduced section!

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