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I spent the bank holiday weekend mostly on my own and surrounded by my thoughts; good, productive thoughts. I find that time off always comes just when you need it, and I needed the extended time to sit back and reflect and confront things I didn't want to or told myself I didn't have time to.

I found this blogpost from Our Little Balham Life extremely useful to help me process my thoughts.

Thinking Clean
I came across the hashtag #thinkclean on instagram yesterday. It's interesting how everyone is so focused on eating clean, shoving chia seeds down their throat and renouncing chocolate as devil food (except for on Easter Sunday, Christmas and in my case, whenever I feel like it). But we forget so often to Spring clean our minds. Most battles, including those that involve health and fitness start, begin and end with having the right mindset. It's not so much a change, but is something I need to have a recurring reminder to do.

I've also been toying with the idea of changing up my hairstyle and Shope Delano is giving me major hair envy (as has her blog). Her elongated bob is the perfect length. I want. Badly. She shares her fashion blog with her twin, Shore, which immediately makes me well jel as it means never being short of someone to snap your outfit. You can check out Shope and Shore's blog here.

Source: London's
Source: London's Closet
Grown up fashion
I'm thinking more capsule wardrobe on rotation, than stand-out pieces you don't feel you can wear too often. I've added some spring summer basics to my wardrobe from the jersey meister that is H&M. Aslo giving me serious working wardrobe inspo is Jill from The August Diaries. Her style is classic and understated, yet attainable. Any woman could recreate her wardrobe, it's just about putting together great staple pieces in shapes that work for you with the occassional nod to trends and a few key pieces to give fashion edge. Like those shoes

Source: The August Diaries
Jess Carter-Morely - fashion editor for The Guardian, is another secret weapon assisting my search for the perfect grown up aesthetic. Jess is to fashion, what Sali Hughes is to make up - a mature, assured, confident fashionista you know you can trust. Her How to Dress videos are simple and to the point, applicable to real life and all under three minutes (definitely applicable to the free time I have in real life!). A bonus is that it's not all designer stuff that's pretty to look at, but you can't actually afford to buy. You can find her How to Dress column here.

Who do you look to for workwear inspiration?

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