Note #94 // Happiness, delivered.

I'm embarking on a little project I've niftily entitled, 'Happiness, Delivered.' In a similar vein to my Love Letter series, I just want to do a few random acts of kindness to make my nearest and dearest smile. 

Each month, one person will receive a package in the post from me: small things that I hope will make their day a little bit brighter, so literally happiness, delivered. I'm a firm believer in paying good deeds forward and thoughts of a similar ilk. Conversely, you get quite a lot out of doing a nice thing for someone else, and you never know how you are blessing someone else in such a small act. These things have a way of turning up at just the right time.

I've set a budget of £15 max spend per package, so I can really get my creative juices flowing, and the first recipient should be getting hers right about now. It contains a cleansing balm that I have been waxing lyrical about. If you haven't tried Champney's Spa Skin Super Rich Cleansing Balm, I highly recommend it (currently on offer at Boots). It's such a lovely relaxing way to remove your make up and dirty build up from the day, and it smells divine.

There's a pack of peppermint tea by tea specialists Tea Pigs that she loved on our recent trip to The Good Life Eatery and a note card containing some special words just for her.

Because I have no self control whenever I cross the threshold of Paperchase, there's another card in there related to a trip to Paris that we have in the pipeline. And finally, there are a few scented tealight candles in to build up her stocks for the candle holders I got her for her birthday.

I hope you like it Liss!