Note #89 // The Love Letters: Mum

You've probably been wondering where your letter was, but in your usual humble nature, smiled and said nothing; still genuinely able to be happy for the others I was giving props to. Well, now it's your turn.

I've never really felt lonely being an only child, and that's because you also take on the role of the sister I never had - I didn't need one because you've always been there to encourage me, laugh with me like a hyena til our weak tear ducts are on the verge of bursting and console and build me up. As I've gotten older, I've considered you to be a friend and a sister even more so than a mum. You are the absolute first person I consult in all things. You are firm but fair, measured and considered in your responses and pretty much the font of all knowledge for me!

It's funny to say this, as it's usually the other way round, but since you moved out of London, well over ten years ago, I've watched you grow and been ssssooooo inspired by you. I've watched you grow in confidence, socially and spiritually and it is has been the best reality show to have a front row seat for. You've taught me that you don't have to have everything figured out - if your attitude is right, you never stop growing, in fact, it's the most dangerous place to be if you close your mind and stop learning. This lesson has soothed me somewhat, knowing that life will have it's knocks, and that it is okay if it isn't perfect and doesn't look how you planned it to. As long as you have peace in your heart, you have everything. As you said the other day, "any idiot can make things complicated, but it takes a true genius to keep it simple." Do you see the level of wisdom and genius I'm working with here people?!

I'm considered to be Sasha Fierce by a lot of people (thanks Beyoncé). But anything I've learned about being fierce has come from you. The fiery stuff is totes from dad (which has it's uses, trust me), but to be a fierce lioness while simultaneously being poised, courageous, graceful and looking like a bad ass - that is all you.

You're even a part of the reason I blog. You encourage me in all things; my small successes here and in life, are met with such beaming pride from you. There are many things I want to pass onto my children (yes, you will be a grandmother one day - chill!), but the main one is for them to know that they have my total backing, even if what they want to do seems a little avant garde, just like you are with me. There is such comfort knowing I can rest in your support.

Lol, you've just come downstairs as I'm writing this to warm up last night's tea in the microwave, something that regretfully, I do occasionally too. It reminds me of the waste-not-want-not bargain hunter gene you've also passed down to me. No one can beat us discount divas. No one!

There are many lessons I take from you every day, but the one other that stands out is to be generous with your time and consciously think outside of yourself. As well as being a wife and a mother and nan's right-hand woman, you also volunteer, and found another piece of the Veronica puzzle when you started doing it. My mum works with a group called Azalea that provides support and respite for women that have been touched by alcohol abuse, prostitution, abusive relationships and homelessness. I'm still looking for my opportunity, but seeing what you've given as well as received in character-building terms is again, inspiring.

You're my Wonder Woman. And I know that if you could give more you would. You've left your phone downstairs to charge and I can hear loads of texts coming through. I know that this is other women messaging you to say thank you for being a mother to them. For just being so welcoming and supporting and never judging. Even though I'm an only child, it's alright, I'm willing to share you!
Happy Mother's Day.

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