Note #86 // Masculine Chic, Budget Price

I'd been searching for an oversized shirt for ages. Either the fit wasn't right or I wasn't willing to pay the asking price. It didn't help that I decided I wanted one just as stock was drying up in store. I searched high and low, and was then hit by a wave of genius - Primark. Primark Mens to be precise. Buy it small, roll up the sleeves and Bob's your uncle - true masculine, oversized tailoring. For the princely sum of £5.

Don't shy away from the men's section ladies; River Island, Primark and Topman always have a brilliant section of printed tees. A jumper for them? A jumper dress for us. And there's no place better for a readily available section of masculine and oversized tailoring, whether you're looking for a denim shirt, a boyfriend blazer or this season's must have: the bomber jacket. I like this one and this one from New Look. Menswear is also a winner in the sale as the smaller fringe sizes always seem to be plentiful. 

Shirt: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Watch: Sekonda (similar here)

Writing this post has got me thinking about other menswear as womenswear experiments. I'll be sure to share.

P.S. I would apologise for the funny faces and funky chicken dance photos, but I am not physically capable of taking myself that seriously!

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