Note #81 // The Love Letters: Liss

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I first met Alicia in 1996, but I wouldn't say we became friends until just last year. They say some people are only in your life for a season, and though we've known each other for such a long time, it would appear our season is only just beginning now, but I feel like it'll be a long one. Part of me wishes we got to know each other properly a lot sooner. Oh all of the things we'd have done! But, life is not best lived looking back in retrospect. Our time is now.

Dear Liss,

Firstly, happy birthday! I write this letter in celebration of a new old friendship that I have grown to treasure in such a short space of time. You say you're glad to have me as a friend, well I'm here hollering the same back at you. You are so down-to-Earth, easy to get on with and talk to about anything, and I love you for it. The never-ending emails and What's App marathons are testament to this!

As you open the next chapter of your life, I want you to lasso and keep a firm hold of all the things that are great about you. That's why I've put pen to virtual paper, so that on shit days, you're only a click away from me reminding you of the high regard in which I hold you (a girl that loves Cath Kidston and lets me drag her to Chiswick just to eat a plate of food - what's  not to love?!). This year, I want to see more of the pushy girl at the Vintage Fair - but on your own behalf not mine!

Celebrate you. Talk about yourself more. You're so thoughtful and giving of your time to other people and the dramas that are their lives, but you shouldn't allow that side of your nature to make you so bloody self-deprecating that the spotlight is never on you. It sounds very corny, but be the star of your own damn show, even if that means relegating others to understudy and sideline status (and even writing them out of the script completely).

You are interesting, funny and have a wicked level of wit. You've got goals, ideas and ambition and the intellect and acumen to achieve every single one. 

Liss - my new/old friend, here is to the year of the diva. 


P.S. Paris had better watch out.

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