Note #79 // The Love Letters: Laura D

Dear Laura D,

Given that I broke with all formality and tradition when I told you that you had "hot legs" within the first week of knowing you it would have been perfectly understandable if you had sworn me off as an inappropriate loon. I'm glad you didn't - and by the way, my comment still stands. Lol.

We met at a good time, you and me. Two people that immediately 'got' each other. Fellow bloggers (which you either get or you don't), creatives and foodies. We had a lot in common, but probably weren't the first two you'd put together in a line up of people that would become best buds. You're the person that has the patience to take umpteen photos of me just to get the one right shot. I'm the one that knows which side of the frame you have to be in, and we both know that it's unlikely that we will ever take a decent picture together (*sings* Ebony and Ivory). We're the people that spend an evening sitting twenty centimetres apart on the same sofa, yet tweet each other and Instagram the life out of everything (mainly food).

If I ever want to give something new a go (anti-gravity yoga springs to mind), you're the woman I call. If I want to be a tourist in my own city, you're the woman I call. Actually, if I get lost in my own city you're the woman I call! As I sit here and write this, it's crazy to think just how many new and fun experiences we've shared in a relatively short time. Life got better when you strutted into it (with your hot legs). I feel safe around you even when vulnerable; you (and your fiancĂ©) have welcomed me into your home on so many occasions, and still invite me back, even though I insist we watch a film every time I come over and fall asleep half an hour in; sing in the shower and after I dropped my red lipstick on the carpet.

I think we've both found it hard to make friends as we've grown older. Old friends get busy and routines change, people move away and some people are only ever meant to be in your life for a season; but you and I, we buck the trend and I'm so glad. Here's to many more adventures. I can't flippin' wait.

Love always,

The Work Wife (even if we no longer work together)


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