Note #80 // Sunday.

Today has involved some of my favourite things; a random mooch around town on a sunny Winter's day, food and great company. As much as I love living in London, there's nothing worse I can think of than to spend my weekend in the West End. I prefer to keep it local. Today's meander led me and my friend Liss to Crouch End in North London. It was a trip down memory lane for me as my nan used to live here and I went to junior school in the area. It's been about nine years since I was there last, and though it's changed, the area has still managed to keep it's character and small community feel. Woolworth's has been replaced by a Waitrose and there's the obligatory Starbucks, but there are plenty of independent shops that make it feel like it's not just another cloned high street with a different post code. 

First up, was a trip to a vintage fair where we came away with a few random purchases including a tea pot and some old records and comics, with the vision of turning them into wall art. We followed up with a cheap and cheerful brunch at Monkey Nuts. It was a lovely spot with inviting 'come and chill' decor and a great Sunday playlist providing the perfect backdrop for a lot of chat to go down. After I had ordered my breakfast burrito though, I started to pay attention to the meals that the waitress was bringing out for other customers - cue food envy. I envisage a few more trips there. The part of me that eats with my eyes deems it a necessity.

One very familiar spot that I am so glad was still around was Dunn's Bakery. I used to go there when it was Tuesday Treat Day and pick out a bun to have after school. But what did I spy today? Only their take on the infamous cronut. And at the bargainous price of only ninety-five pence. I opted for the lemon glazed. 

I think Crouch End will be seeing me again quite a lot sooner than I left it last time.

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