Note #82 // Life: As Inspired By...

My head (and my phone memory) are crammed full of things that strike a chord with me and take my interest. So often, many of them lie forgotten on Pinterest boards or amongst many a screenshot with the eternal promise that I'll come back to them later. I always want to try and stay in a place where I'm inspired and motivated by the things around me, so here's a round up of what has caught my eye lately.

I seem to be being inspired by all four seasons simultaneously. The first of Spring/Summer is starting to drop on the high street (exciting) and we see a sudden switch to lighter colours. I love these sandals from Zara. 

I'm longing for warmer weather, so I can while away evenings that seem to never end due to the Sun's hesitance to go to bed come Summer. I'm thinking cold ciders and fun times in the park. Amidst all of this, London Fashion Week has just whizzed by and I am already taking note of the key colours and shapes that will shape Autumn/Winter. Oversized coat (times three) and that gorgeous orange red I kept seeing pop up - shown here at Preen - I'm ready for you.

I'm trying to be less lazy when it comes to my nails. I have every colour under the sun, but my nails can remain unvarnished for weeks on end. I love these cobalt nails, paired with gold rings. And yes, I do already have this colour in my repertoire, so there's no excuse really, is there?

I'm desperately trying to convince myself that I don't need a pink coat. Every single blog or street fashion photo I see seems to feature one. Dear resolve, please strengthen yourself. You don't need another coat (especially when you are already contemplating multiple purchases next season). 

Finally, I spotted this post on Bangs And a Bun's Instagram page the other day. It gave me such a kick up the arse. It's all well and dandy not to be too hard on yourself, but sometimes I'm guilty of cutting myself just a little bit too much slack in certain areas of life and need to reign the laziness in. Deep down - I recognise it - and I need to give my life 100%. No one else will do it for me.

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