Note #78 // The Love Letters: Didi

I've known Didi for twelve years and I don't think there is one person on this planet that knows me better than she does. She is my confidante, my sounding board and one of the loves of my life. My dad even calls us 'left and right foot' as wherever one of us is, you're bound to find the other. At one point, we even rented flats across the hall from each other lol.

As an only child, she is like an older sister to me. Always there to give me advice, boost me up and is my biggest fan (especially when it comes to singing). I admire her because she is creative and makes do with what she has. She is an inspiration and a prime example of something you don't see too often these days - contentment. She doesn't have to have the latest thing and her wishlist probably extends to a new ice cream flavour to try or film to watch rather than fifty thousand throw-away desires. I love that about her: that the time we spend together is so pure and real, with no pretense and often no expense.

She is one of the warmest and kind-hearted people that you will ever meet and always goes out of her way for the ones she loves. Down-to-Earth, I know hand on heart, that I can tell her anything without fear of being judged. I also watch the way that she interacts with people and makes them feel at ease so quickly. I watch the things that she talks to people about; emotional, personal things that I wouldn't dare address. It's not out of nosiness that she asks, but that she takes a genuine concern and interest in people of all facets of life. When you are with her, you know that you are safe and surrounded by a fortress of trustworthiness. She has taught me that it's okay to be emotional. I think I was a bit cold until she came along and warmed me up!

She is my carnival buddy for our annual trip (though I don't think I'll ever live down the fact that I missed a year), and when I think of what carnival means to me, it actually reflects a lot of what I see in her: happiness, smiles, warmth and fun. 

Another tradition that we have as she is half German and celebrates Christmas on December 24th, is that we tend to spend the festive period together and have done for at least six of the last twelve years...two Christmas dinners followed by my nan's Boxing Day dinner - total winning on the food front. These are traditions that I still want to be upholding twenty years from now as our respective families grow. It's time I cherish spending with you and love the memories that we create. 

But it's not just Didi that I love, I love being around her whole family. Watching her younger brother flourish into such a wonderful, kind, thoughtful and focused young man has been a pleasure. Being able to call her mum, my mum - is an honour. And now that you have your little boy, watching you be a mum and achieve the greatest goal that you had set for yourself in life and accomplish it so well, makes my heart swell with joy. 

Oluwa, you are one of the kindest, most gentle spirits I've ever met and I am proud to call you my friend. I love you with all of my heart.

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