Note #77 // The Love Letters: Annette

There's something about New Year's that makes you reflect on things past and look forward with intent, focus and anticipation. I'm pretty happy with where I am, and am focused on my goals, so there aren't really resolutions for me. I am mainly looking back on 2013 with a smile; of the memories created, and with a heart full of appreciation for the truly special people I have in my life. I am nothing without them.

I'm a firm believer that if you love and appreciate someone, you should tell them as often as possible. Don't wait until it's too late. Hence, the love letters series. A bunch of shout outs to some of my nearest and dearest, most of whom are way too humble to even acknowledge how amazing they are. So, I'll do it for them. Starting with you Miss Ankrah (I know you're a Mrs, but you'll always be Ankrah to me!).

My friend Annette is a force of nature to be reckoned with. We have been friends since the first day of sixth form way back in 2001; a lady so full of passion and get up and go that I don't know what to do with her sometimes (try my best to keep up is the answer). When she moves, you better be bang on it, because whatever she is doing, trust me, you want to be swept up in that wave. 

Ever the positive influence on my life, she is a no-nonsense chick. A good person to have on your team, because though she loves you, she will tell you about yourself. Everybody needs an Annette in their life (lol, paraphrasing your mum's speech from the wedding).

I have seen her when her smile is at it's biggest and when she's been at her weakest (like the time you refused to take your malaria tablets in Ghana kmt). She is so strong, but as she is known for being so fierce, sometimes I feel that she doesn't get to lean on people the way they do on her. Well, as you already know, I'm am always here. I don't expect you to be strong 24/7, and will always try my best to build you back up, which you will always do with God on your side and the incredible unbreakable spirit and can-do attitude you have. Even when you think you are broken, there's something in your eyes that even you don't know is there, that tells me otherwise. 

Annette has helped me learn how to conduct myself in certain situations. Don't always tell people your business, because haters are gonna hate and put you off your path with their "constant undercover hateration" (words from the horses mouth). Just keep quiet and stealthy and let them see the fruit of your labour and choke on it. A friend to everyone, she is the perfect example of someone that will never judge a book by it's cover, and it shows in the plethora of people she is able to call on, that will come running, because she is good people. 

Aunty Annette aka Ankrah aka Netty Bear, I love you. From 2001 til forever. You are awesome and an inspiration. Keep going, there's so much you are yet to achieve. And don't take that as pressure, it's just truth. The best is yet to come my dear. 

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