Note #76 // 2013: The year of the Risk

I don't really remember my thoughts as I went into 2013. I think that's because I was a bit lost. I didn't have any goals, any motivation, I was just existing.

The main thing that was playing on my mind was my work life. I was doing well, but I wasn't happy where I was. Some people will do any job for the sake of the money and the lifestyle it affords them, and that's fine, but I've never been one if those people that can disconnect from the emotional side of most things in my life. I'm one of those feelings people. And something just didn't feel right.

I'm nothing if not diligent though. I will give my all to any opportunity presented to me. And I had been for five years. Forty hours is a long time to spend in the workplace and it feels even longer when you know it's not where you should be. Don't get me wrong, I learnt a lot about the world of work, office politics and how to play the game during that time. And I also learnt a very important lesson in that, sometimes, even if you don't know what you want to do, you can learnt a lot from identifying what you don't.

I had been thinking about it for a while (a long while being two years) and decided to bite the bullet and invest in a course to build on my skills. Then, at the grand old age of 27, I got a golden opportunity to do a six month internship at one of the best companies in the world (in my view) and grasped it with both hands. Thirty minus three and back interning and penniless. Six months, minimum wage, and no guarantee of a job at the end of it.

But something happens when you step out in faith. Things won't always work out hunky dory, but you'll feel the conviction in your spirit when you do what's right for you, and that can only ever work out for your good.

Eight months later, and I've been kept on as a permanent member if staff and am happier than ever. I don't have the Monday blues when I go to work any more, and wear the best uniform that I probably will do in all my life. When you take a leap, you can't even comprehend what will happen next week let alone further down the line, but I truly believe that fortune favours the brave. I'll soon be getting the opportunity to learn a new language through work, something I have always wanted to do. But above all the perks, I'm passionate about what I do now and it shows. When I think of the stagnant, apathetic position I was in at the start of 2013, it makes the last eight months so worth it. I've got the drive and focus I was searching for. Now watch me go.

Here's to 2014.

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