Note #75 // On Clothes: I want, therefore I need?

I've made one sale purchase. One lonely, singular transaction and an interesting thought came to mind.

I'd seen it before it came in-store in a magazine a few months ago, but pushed it to the back of my mind after stalking the website a handful of times in the hope it would appear on the 'new in' page in the immediate aftermath of me reading the issue. I found it a few weeks later and was going to get it when it was on some kind of promotion, but would still have been about £70 (big investment). Some random searching late one night this week for nothing in particular, (but funnily enough, when all of my bad shopping binges tend to happen) and there it was in the sale, having been reduced from £90 to £60 to £45 and left only in a size 10. Keen to always push my luck and get as much discount as possible, I umm-ed and ahh-ed and was very annoyed at the NUS website for not functioning properly, leaving me unable to redeem my 15% discount, but where there's a will there's a way and I did manage to nab free nominated day delivery.

I get a bit anxious/guilty about buying anything these days, so on arrival, I steeled myself not to open the package and just return it. I left it untouched for two days. Then I opened it. And I wanted it. Real bad. I thought it was a bit tight, but to be fair, I had had three bits of cake and pain aux raisin that day. It had since sold out online (cue panic email to customer services to find a size 12 in ANY STORE IN THE UK ). But I've decided to keep the ten and just work my legs hardcore. I've been wearing it all day and it was the right decision - it's my size instead of the size I still think I am and will remind me to keep in trim. 

And I bloody love it. I haven't loved an item like this in a long time (which leaves me questioning purchases it's too late to return). I've sat dreamily over lunch, thinking about how sexy it is now and how awesome it will continue to be come Autumn Winter, and how it can be dressed up and down and will be worn at least once a fortnight, so deep is my love for it. I mean, it's leather and a pencil skirt, that's practically uniform for me. 

But the moral of that very long story was this: I profess love now, and yet, clearly forgot it existed or how badly (I said) I wanted it until I saw it in the sale again. Now I have it, it's amazing, but you get over these things. You move on. Something new comes out, you forget the fleeting desire. Take a H&M skirt that I 'wanted' a while ago. A big reason I didn't get it was because of their shit online service, but I've barely even given it a second thought since it sold out online and have 'saved' myself £24.99 in doing so. Keep thinking of the long game Miss Glasgow.

Clothes love is transient. Don't get caught up in the 'must have' because the minute you have it, there'll be something else you 'have to buy' to feel like you're part of the fashion mafia. An obvious equation for some, but a real demon for others of us. Don't be part of that establishment as behind the scenes of all of the instagram pics and magazine spreads of beautiful clothes are a bunch of people getting them for free through work, heavily discounted in sample sales or loaned for long enough to take that photo without a penny leaving their pocket, while the marketing works and the full price moolah leaves yours.

Fashion. Don't believe the hype. Clothes shopping. Keep it in check.

Sash x (reformed shopaholic in the making)

Hmmm... I think I need to have a lie down. I couldn't have typed those words. This blog has clearly been hacked. Lol.

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