Note #64 // Sunday's Sentiment: Never too late

This is my nan. As many of you know, I regard her as a bit of a legend. 

I live with her, and though it's great, there are definitely some pros and cons. Getting my ironing done, pro. All of the wonderful cooking and baking, pro. Being on Weight Watchers while this massive daily cook up happens, con. Finding that whenever I want to eat something, she has literally just pipped me to it - con. 

She is the most tactless person I know - you just want to see her when she goes into fifth judge mode when The X Factor is on, or how she not-so-delicately plays self-appointed nutritionist when she thinks I've put on weight; but in spite of these things, I love her loads. 

My nan has always wanted to be computer literate and a bit more tech-savvy and at the grand old age of 76, she has bought herself a tablet to do just that. I love that even though she is getting on and her health isn't what it used to be, she is still setting herself goals to accomplish and has the determination to see them through. 

Recently, I've felt that a lot of my peers feel that they are in a bit of a funk. When we ask one another how life is, the answer is generally, "meh, work, home... same old, same old." We have dreams and ambitions, but feel like we can't put them into action because we're too old, we have commitments, we've been working our way up in one particular field, so to throw all of that away and step out in faith and try something new would be madness.

Well, if a 76-year-old woman that can just about use the house phone can decide that she is going to conquer a new area of technology at her age, there should be no age or circumstance that stops any of us, me included, in achieving what we put our minds to.

"As long as you're breathing, it's never too late." - Unknown

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  1. Good on her, she has to be admired and you can be proud of her despite the few cons!