Note #62 // A Summer's night in London

London is THE place to be right now. What with all of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, the Olympic and Paralympic games, London is one hot ticket. But I've always had an affinity for London. I've spent many a weekend getting lost in the city I love and in the process meandering down cobbled streets and discovering new favourite places to think, eat, drink and just take in and admire. 

London is most certainly at it's best in the summer though. While the weather may be sporadic, when it is right, it is frickin' awesome. Yesterday saw me and a good friend spend hours roaming around taking in the Road to London 2012 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (which, by the way features a topless Louis Smith on   the pommel horse - yum), sipping on frappacino's, and hitting up the Mastercard Priceless London Wonderground at Southbank. 

All around us was laughter and smiles, and the incessant camera clicks of tourists capturing memories. With the world literally being on our doorstep, I must say, London - you have done me proud.

Olympic medals hanging from the trees in Leicester Square

The Book Market at Southbank
Some very talented buskers

Meandering through the Magners maze to find your way to hidden bar inside
Inside the Magners maze
The main attraction - the Stargazer, giving awesome views of London
A very patriotic looking London Eye

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