#63 // 27 things

I kind of view this blog as a personal chronicle of me. It documents the things I did with the people I loved, and one day I can see it being a way of my kids and even grandkids having an insight into what I was like. Today is my 27th birthday. So here's a little photo journal and twenty seven things about me.

1. I once auditioned for the x factor. I performed on camera in the holding area and got huge cheers, but lost my nerve when auditioning for the producers. I haven't sung that much since then. It's definitely left a mark on my confidence.

2. I should really work in the performing arts. When I was younger, I was in every music and drama club going. I once performed at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the North London Schools choir, was Bill Sykes in the school production of Oliver (I went to an all girls school, before you start!) and played the lead role in a play about sea life. I was a dolphin and had my face painted silver. There is photographic evidence of this somewhere.

3. I have to eat dessert with a teaspoon. I don't know why, I just do. Maybe I think it will last longer that way (yeah, right).

4. When using any kind of volume control, it has to be left on an even number or a multiple of five. Once again, I don't know why, that's just the way it is in my world.

5. I always knew what my christmas presents were after my godfather showed me how to stealthily slit the cellotape, have a peek and wrap it back up (sorry mum).

6. I guess the fact that I am quite impatient is something that almost goes without saying, following number five.

7. The lands of my heritage are Jamaica and Guyana - I've never been to either country.

8. I've got some pretty awesome family. We may not see each other much, but the love is always there and when we do, it's a hoot.

Me and My mum in Tunisia - check out the yellow lycra (allow me, it was the nineties)

9. I am the biggest cheesecake fan you will ever meet. I NEED to visit The Cheesecake Factory at some point in my lifetime.

10. I have the Spice Girls on my iPod. I know upon reading that, some of you may question our relationships. I can only apologise, but Holla is a tune.

11. I am big on multitasking. As evidenced here, aged two approx.

Multitasking: Potty time = nap time

12. I still haven't passed my driving test.

13. I don't feel 27. To be honest, I only just about feel like I'm ready to be an adult. Maybe it's the height.

14. I was a prefect at school. And a fatty (yowzers, get a load of those cheeks!).

15. I was excluded once for fighting. I have a slow temper, but when I hit that point, that is it.

16. At the end of year 11, I was awarded the Mary Mullen cup for contribution to school life. I was involved in pretty much everything going at school. I'm not such a social butterfly like that anymore. I kind of miss that girl. 

17. I can play the piano and guitar - both largely self-taught, but haven't touched either for a LONG time. Shame really.

18. I wish I could speak French. 

19. I am most proud of my GCSE results. I got 4 A*, 4As and 2 Bs. That was definitely the pinnacle of my educational career. It all went downhill from there.

20. I wish I hadn't bothered with uni tbh.

21. My favourite place in London is Angel, obvs.

22. I think I've been pretty lucky where guys are concerned. There haven't been too many discernible bastards, and in June 2008 I went on a first date with guy named Ben and four years later we're going pretty strong. I feel very lucky (I don't usually get too many photos of him, but screw it, it's my birthday and I reckon today is the only day I'll get away with it!).

Handsome ain't he? (clearly not biased lol)
23. I'm enjoying getting older and knowing myself. I feel a lot more confident and content.

24. I should be at least forty really - I am such an old soul. I love watching musicals with my nan and listen  to and enjoy the music of my mum and dads time more than a lot of current stuff.

25. I find it very hard to go for things if I don't feel like I'm 99.9% ready or if I don't feel like I will be the best at it. And that's not be being big-headed, it's actually held me back from certain opportunities in all honesty.

26. I love my godchildren like there is no tomorrow.

27. I'm so looking forward to the next chapter of life.

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