Note #50 // Leather & Lace

There are certain colours I just love no matter what the season or trend, and one of those is mustard. It pretty much suits any skin tone and adds a real vibrancy to an outfit. 

You will find countless midi skirts in my wardrobe. They are perfect for me as they draw attention away from my thighs - the material ending at a flattering part of my calf, yet don't drown me like a maxi has the tendancy to. 

I'm really enjoying mixing up my textures at the moment - perfectly evidenced with this delicate white lace top and pencil skirt roughed up with a leather jacket and studded boots. I'm also pretty chuffed that my entire outfit cost just £16 in the Monki sale. I am not so chuffed, however, that I was wearing ankle boots on the one day we got sun this week. Why didn't anybody tell me it was going to be summer on Thursday?