Note #46 // What Sasha Did: Pitt Cue

Pitt Cue - the barbeque pitt of dreams. This restaurant has been on my to do list for a while and is another one of the uber-cool restaurants that have popped up around London town. No reservations allowed, you just turn up, put your name on the list and drink from the bourbon-based cocktail menu until they call you.

We got mighty friendly with the Whisky Sours during our forty minute wait... I'd head back there just for those to be honest. Forty minutes sounds like a long time, but in the cosy, buzzy atmosphere with it's friendly bar staff, it goes pretty quickly. And then it was food time. We were ushered downstairs to the tiny thirty-seat restaurant. It's definitely intimate, but again, there is something about the atmosphere (possibly down to the alcohol) that made it feel like a warm gathering of foodie friends instead of cramped.

You pick a main meat (and an additional one for £5.50 if you're really indecisive or hungry) and a side. Each main also comes served with bread and pickles. We plumped for beef ribs and a saddleback loin chop. I then proceeded to stare at the kitchen door every time it opened, salivating and ready to chow down. The laden down tray of meat that was plopped down in front of me after a short wait almost tipped over like that bit in the beginning of the Flintstones cartoon. It was tender, delicious and fell off the bone. Yum. 

To round the meal off we had a brioche cake type thing that was - of course - soaked in an 'Old Fashioned' bourbon based cocktail and served with ice cream. Again. Yum. We left with our bellies full and feeling merry. The meal itself was relatively cheap, just watch out for the alcohol which will bump up the cost per head a fair amount. What Pitt Cue boils down to is meat and whisky, and that my friends, is a very good combination.

Pitt Cue, 1 Newburgh Street, London W1F 7RB.

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