Note #47 // Sunday's Sentiment: Real Talk

Life. It's an interesting thing. Always comes with it's highs and lows and challenges. I love social media - sharing bits of my life with friends, family and those that just get me and vice versa. Tweet by tweet, status by status, sometimes you get the feeling that life is as pretty as the Instagram filters and perfect angles posted online - that life is one awesome ride. 

But sometimes it's not. Sometimes, I let my feelings get on top of me, I make bad decisions, have fat days and I go to work looking like a hot mess. 

As much as we endeavour to portray the perfect idyllic life, who are we trying to fool? Taboo though it seems these days, I think it's good to get it out, be honest and say 'life feels a bit shit right now, I'm stuggling. Help.'


  1. I agree with you. Everybody wants people around to think that their life is perfect. Sometimes I just want to scream out :"My life sucks", but instead I delete those words and write "Had a perfect day".

    1. Thanks Mira, I hope you have indeed had a 'perfect day' :) x