Note #41 // What Sasha Did: Anti Gravity Yoga

Don't cough or splutter, you read that right. Amongst my friends, Wednesday is fast becoming known as  Random Wednesday. Last week, a fab time at the launch, this week a taster session of Anti Gravity Yoga.

Me and a few of the girls from work only went along for a laugh and we certainly had quite a few of those. As you can tell from the first few photos I wasn't entirely convinced at the start, but actually all of us really liked it by the end. It worked my arms with all the lifting, my core with all of the flipping and tucking, pretty much all over. And there's the promise that the good stretch out will make you taller (albeit temporarily) by the end of the class. Excellent. 

Me and the girls

Sitting pretty in the cocoon
My friend Kirsty making us all look bad with her ridiculous abs and body strength
The first move we did was my favourite. We ended up completely swathed in the fabric in a move referred to as the cocoon or womb. Twas amaze! It allowed us to relax and focus and I could have stayed there for the whole hour. I would go as far as to say, I'd quite like to install one of them in my room and pretty much live in there. I reckon I could be pretty productive - and damn well comfy. 

One of the instructors showing us how it should be done
Classes are run at the London Academy of Performance and Dance, where they run anti gravity yoga and pole dancing classes. They are a lovely friendly little start up based in Old Street, London so there are some offers to be had with free taster sessions and open days on their website and I also spotted they were running a Living Social deal for pole dancing, but hurry, it ends soon! You can find out more on the website, facebook page or twitter

London Academy of Performance and Dance, 49 - 51 Central Street, London, EC1V.


  1. This looks fantastic and a lot of fun!

    1. It really was. And that's my favourite kind of exercise - the type where you're kind of unaware you're working out... until the next day that is!

  2. Thanks ladies so glad you enjoyed it, it was a pleasure to meet you. If anyone else would like to come & try out AntiGravity yoga we have free luchtime classes on Thursday 24 May contact or 020 8520 1985 x