Note #39 // Sunday's Sentiment

Hello crossroads. The two sides of my mind are currently in battle. I'm trying to be strong and optimistic, but the cautious side of my brain says, 'what if this turns out to be another mistake?' The adventurous side that I don't let out too often retorts, 'but what if it turned out to be everything you dreamed?'

 'You only live once. Time waits for no man,' versus, 'do I have the time/money/energy to try something new (again)?' I am usually the queen of enthusiasm once I get a bee in my bonnet, but will it burn out like all the other times, just when I've convinced everyone that I'm totally in control?  

'Feel the fear and do it anyway!', or 'do what you've always done and stay in the middle of the road where it's nice and safe.' 

Having said all of this, you can't expect a different result if you do the same thing over and over. And I guess I wouldn't be in this state of mind if I were happy with the current results. 

Cryptic and garbled, but hey, welcome to my brain. I'm hoping someone out there can relate.

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