Notes #44 // Glimpses of Summer: The week in pictures

1. You know it's summer when you bust out the white blazer 
2. Rose wine, 'top of the hill' style 
3 & 4. The first 99s of the season - even though they cost bloody £3.50 each!
5. Ben bringing out his own summer style
6. Hello Heaven
7. Snog - the guilt free treat of the summer
8. Sun and fruit cider go together like Tom & Jerry, Posh & Becks - it's just natural
9. Warm cookies and ice cream at LDA's  house
10, 11, 12. Random from my very long Sunday amble around the city
13 & 14. In good company at the Louboutin exhibition, which was in truth, a little disappointing
15. Being cracked up by one seriously determined and randy pigeon
16. My, there's been a lot of grass time this week. Rocking a H&M ring and Essie's fifth avenue on my nails. Seemed a lot more orange in the bottle than on my nails

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