Note #28 // My Big Fat Pretty Clutch Bag

A quick post showing what I wore for my night out at Recipease over the weekend. And even more important than the clothes (not a statement you'll hear from me often), is the BOTD - bag of the day.

Leather Jacket, ASOS (v.old)
Print Shirt, Zara
Oversized clutch, ASOS
Jeans, Whistles (sale)
Boots, NW3 by Hobbs
I've been seeking an oversized clutch for a while now and I think I've officially ticked the 'oversized' box. And it's so pretty! My black leather beauty is from ASOS, and even I have to admit, cost a lot more than I wanted to spend on this kind of bag.

One of my style stalking tactics is to see how many of an item I can add so that I can figure out how many are left in stock and whether I need to make that snap decision between said item of desire and other non-essentials, you know, like lunch. As much as I was holding out for a discount, when I realised that there were only two left, I had to do some serious finger clicking. 

There aren't any left in the black, but there are some left in the blue colourway. For a chic accessory that makes a big statement, click this way. Maybe, unlike me, you can wait for a discount.