Note #31 // 16lbs in 16 weeks: The Results

So, I bet you all thought I had gone suspiciously quiet on this subject, right? When I do deliberately stop talking about something, it is precisely because I don't want to be reminded of my abject failure. That is part of the reason why I published my commitment to lose weight online in the first place. With something like this in a public domain, you'd be surprised how many people have come back at my food-related social media posts asking if I should be eating that caramel shortbread or so many Oreo cookies in one go (the answer in both cases probably being no, but I ate them anyway).

For those of you that don't know, I set myself a chellenge at the beginning of the year to lose 16lbs in 16 weeks using the Weight Watchers propoints system. And fear not, I haven't failed. I have both reached and surpassed my target (by a smidgen), with my total weight loss coming in at 18lbs. No one is more surprised than I am. I know I have put the work in, but it has actually paid off and I feel friggin' fantastic and slightly confused that inches have disappeared and I haven't really noticed.

Final results
When I went home a little while ago, I found a picture of me at my aunt's 50th birthday party at the beginning of December. Here is the before and after:

It's actually been 17 weeks, as I didn't think it was fair on myself to give my final results the week after Easter (a lot of eating went down).

So what have I learnt?
  • That I don't need to starve myself, or cut out food groups to lose weight. This isn't some sponsored ad for Weight Watchers, I just know that any diet that doesn't involve me chewing, or involves eating cereal for anything other than breakfast is not for me.
  • The old adage is true - eat less and exercise more. But you have to be ready to hear that as well as accept that. I've heard the phrase countless times before and carried on eating regardless.
  • Don't underestimate your body. My biggest downfall was eating because it was a meal time, not because I was hungry.
  • Being a size 10 doesn't look like how I thought it would. Don't believe the hype. It's not perfect and there is no such thing. You need love you for you.
  • That you don't need to drip with sweat to lose weight. It's been zumba, boxercise and good old walking for me.
Follow your feelings, sometimes...
When it comes to food, don't do it. There have been nights when I've been down and munched my way through an entire packet of Oreo cookies. Yes, the sugar high felt good, but at the end of the day, I still had to get up the next day and work (even harder) to get it off. Don't eat your feelings.

Do follow them when it comes to how you look and feel versus what things like BMI (Body Mass Index) tell you. According to my BMI, when I started this journey, I was classed as obese at a size 14. Poppycock. Four months later, with a BMI score of 27, I am still classed as overweight. But I feel great and I like what I see in the mirror, so screw it. Interestingly, I took a Tacita Body Analyser test at the Vitality show, and even though my BMI is higher than what is 'normal', my body fat % is 22.7, below the norm for someone my age and height. So if I were to lose more, essentially, I would be making my muscle waste away, which is really dangerous. Coincidentally, this week I came across an article in the Daily Mail about BMI - the doctor affectionately refers to it as the Baloney Mass Index. I totes agree.

The Next Bit
I'd quite like to lose a few more pounds, at least maintaining my new weight. So, how? Well here's the bit where I put my virtual foot in it and put something else out there for all who read it to hold me to. My next challenge is to run a 10k race in July with a view to building this up to a half marathon. I've got a plan to follow from Zest magazine that should see me ready in the next 10 weeks. Me, a runner? Who'd have thought it? Heck, me seeing something through, who'd have thought it!

I know I have to keep an eye on myself, and really try not to let my hard work slip. I came across a quote the other day that kind of sums up the whole journey: 'everyone gets a second chance. It's called tomorrow.'

No more excuses for me...

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  1. Sasha - you have done well and your story is truly inspiring. You should become a weigh watchers team leader! I feel motivated right now to join! Congratulations!