Note #17 // A week off: All change

I finally got a week off of work after toiling away without a break since christmas. And it was lovely. I DO NOT want to go back to work tomorrow. I moved out of my flat (sob), but my lovely friends surprised me with a cake on my last night and gave me a hand packing. Back at nan's, back to one-bedroom living. I thought I would dread it, but I know why I'm here. Sasha has got money savvy. I know where I want to be, and the goals that I have for the next few years and it means taking one step back in the short run to take five forward in the long run.

My 'moving home'cake; more moving home treats; the April editions; a photo with a talented busker; cheeky purchases; getting back on Weight Watchers; the Oreo's I demolished before getting back on track; New magazine subscription and gift; Ginger - my nan's cat; Converse - essential footwear for downtime; Oval Quote of the Day

After moving back and spending the beginning of the week unpacking and tying up loose ends at the old flat, I spent the second part of the week doing what I do best: eating and shopping (probably a bit too much of both). I got some spring buys in H&M (Spring Trend lookbook coming shortly), made my first trip to Monki and ate at The Breakfast Club. Twice (beast).

At The Breakfast Club, Soho

On Wednesday, I went along to the Warehouse VIP evening. Showered with cupcakes, champagne and a DJ in-store there was a trend presentation on all of the key bits for spring/summer 12. There was also the opportunity to get 20% off and Glossybox goods with purchases, but guess which numpty changed bags and left her purse at home? Anywho, there are some very pretty things to be had in store.

I rounded up the week, getting my hair did and getting back on plan with Weight Watchers. Moving house isn't condusive to counting points. My last meals in my flat were either microwaveable or from McDonalds, but somehow, somehow I still managed to get back down to the 13.8lb mark. I'm hoping that getting back to work will restart my routine and help me break the stone weight loss barrier. The week off, ah well, it was fun while it lasted...

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