Note # 22 // Vitality Show Live 2012

On Friday, I went along to the Vitality Show with my good friend Laura. I've wanted to go this event for the last few years, and basically just dragged her along as I didn't want to go on my lonesome. Taking up the length and breadth of Earls Court two in London, it is billed as 'the UK's largest health, beauty, fitness and wellbeing event for women.'

There was a lot more on offer than I thought there would be. On the beauty side, they had everything from a fully fledged hair salon, to teeth whitening with some of the big names like Bare Minerals along side smaller independent brands. For health, there were live classes for you to try. There I was thinking they would be light 10 minute demonstrations. Heck no. These were full hour long, strenuous classes - by the looks of it. I had trainers on, but was far too interested in getting my fill of Activia yoghurt.

I also had a consultation and body composition analysis with one of the team at Activia. Ironically, that same day at work, Fitness First sent in three pillocks who were meant to make us want to sign up to their gym. Their tactic was generally to insult, ridicule and shame us into chaining ourselves up to lengthy contracts. Their version of a health check pretty much left the entire office feeling crap about themselves with their ridiculous inaccuracies. From him telling me that I weight eight kilos more than I do, to him miscalculating my body fat percentage by a massive 16%. I've had dealings with Fitness First in the past that ended up with me getting in touch with Ofcom; this second encounter did nothing to convince me that at least the guys I have come across are anything other than money hungry. 

After a much more thorough and successful consultation, I came out having discovered that my body fat is below normal for my age and height and took that as carte blanche to sample every single piece of cheese that was on offer at the show. And believe me there was a lot on offer, from probiotic chocolate to cheese in more incarnations than I knew existed. Needless to say, there are a few blocks in my fridge right now, along with some wild boar and apple sausages that are absolutely yummy. I also found some new health snacks that should help me in my ongoing goal of 16lbs in 16 weeks.

The information was good, the treatment offers seemed very reasonable and my freebie haul was absolutely immense. I've pretty much decided that I'm going to go next year (if only for the sausages and cheese), but will definitely take more money and probably go on the last day, in the hope of getting some last minute bargains - I'm thinking last minute sales The Apprentice style.

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