Note #18 // A Sunny Sunday in Angel

If I could live anywhere in North London, it would be Angel, Islington. I absolutely love it. It's got a nice vibe, lots of places to eat and drink and great shops. So it was the perfect place to spend my last day of freedom before heading back to work.

Sunday Style: Trench, NW3 by Hobbs; Jeans, Whistles; Shirt, H&M; Trainers, Converse; Hat, Primark; Bag, New Look
I met up with LDA who was 'jonesin' for brunch at the Breakfast Club, and woah betide me to stand in the way of a fellow foodie's craving. It's always worth the wait to sit in the tiny cafe with its kitch tables and massive portions. Everything about it, just hits the spot; the range of food on the menu, the prices, even down to the playlist. All the elements combine to make for a lovely chilled out meal time.

On this occasion, I opted for the heuvos rancheros - Mexico on a plate combining chorizo, eggs, refried beans guacamole and sour cream, served up with a tortilla (and a side of skin on fries in the case of two very indecisive girls whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs). I think it is such good value for money, not least because every time I have been, I haven't felt the need to eat anything for the rest of the day. There really is something in that whole 'eat breakfast like a king' thing.

Mmm cake @ Ottolenghi; Street art; Oval Quote of the Day; Kings Cross (wishful thinking); Browsing vintage shops

After getting our fill, it was indeed time for a walk along Upper St, where, even though we were full to burst, we were still able to appreciate the tantalising displays and make a mental note of food establishments to be visited at a later date. We ended the day at Kings Cross, where I navigated the labyrinth that is the station to make my way homeward bound. But believe me, even after a week off, I  still wished that I was boarding one of the trains going in the opposite direction.

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