Note #20 // The Power of Twitter

Today, I realised the power of twitter. I know of and have been a part of monumentous hashtags that trend faster than the speed of light. But today, Twitter came through for me BIG TIME.

At any given point in the day, it's safe to say that I am either thinking about food or shopping. Today, was  mainly the latter. I'm well on the way to compiling my SS12 wardrobe and feel  like I'm only a few items off it being complete - one of these being the perfect pair of tan mid-heel sandals. So that I could have more than one set of beady eyes on the look out for my dream summer shoes, I put pen to paper and drew a picture. Peals of laughter soon erupted at my inability to draw and the fact that I had written 'B' for buckle, because I have not one clue how to go about sketching that. Or a shoe for that matter.

I love that thanks to the Twitterverse, this...
My friend thought it would be hilare to post my art in a tweet, putting a faux SOS out to her followers. None of us actually expected for anyone to be able to decipher my scribbles, let alone find a suitable match. But lo and behold, two hours later a tweet pops up with the perfect match. They are from Office, are real leather and come complete with buckles and everything for the reasonable price of £45.

...became these!
Ok, they aren't brown, but I love them. All three of them. I totes need to put out a tweet to see if I can get some sort of discount... 

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