Note #24 // Eat Street

Yesterday, still wanting to make the most of the sunshine, my boyfriend and I headed on down to Eat Street, a  pop-up street food market. Usually only open on weekday lunchtimes at Kings Cross, they couldn't have picked a better weekend weather-wise to open it up to the masses. Situated right by the new western concourse, it is a small mix of stalls offering up a smorgasbord of yummy flavours serving up everything from pulled pork to steamed buns and pies, to churros, pizza and burgers.

It was open from 12 - 5 on both Saturday and Sunday, but in typical style, we rocked up 45 minutes before it closed, when two stands had already packed up for the day. However, we did get to sample meals from the asian fusion at Hardcore Prawn and the yummy pizza slices at Homeslice. I also spotted retro kitchen goddess, Gizzi Erskine getting her fill of skewers here too. 

Hardcore Prawn specialises in noodles, soups and skewers. A sucker for seafood, Ben went for the crab bisque and steak skewers (there would be a pic of the skewers, but I was too slow off the mark. You've gotta be quick on the draw when you're around me and my boy and food).

As has been well documented, I am meant to be on Weight Watchers, though I've kind of decided that the weekdays are for dieting and the weekends are for EATING! The plan was to have something there and then go for frozen yoghurt, but my first slice was sssoooo good that I felt that a second slice was easily an equal calorie trade for frozen yoghurt (maybe not). I had one topped with roasted aubergine and another with chorizo, rocket and parmesan. Each slice (which was practically a quarter of a pizza) was £3 or a whole pizza for £9, even though toward the end of trade, we got two slices for a fiver.

Having only sampled two of around twenty traders on rotation, I can most definitely see some more of my summer days being spent sampling more of the flavoursome grub on offer. If you want to know more about when, where and who is featuring, follow Eat Street on twitter or find out more here.


  1. This sounds amazing and I've never even heard of it! I'll definitely have to check it out with some foodie friends, although it's a bit far to go from Farringdon for lunch. :(

    Emily x

    1. I'm upset I can't go everyday! But maybe that is a good thing (for both purse and

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