Note #21 // Bargain of The Century

The Whistles sale started this week. It's always got some good bargains, and is pretty much the only time I can afford to shop there (though I aspire to shop there full price one day!). But this time they completely outdid themselves by introducing a £20 rail in store. I found out about this at 9.10am on Friday morning. It's safe to say that the morning dragged from that moment on as I waited for 12 noon to strike so I could bolt down to the store nearest to work. 

I almost had heart palpitations when someone tweeted about the rail at 10.30am. Don't tell the twitterverse til I've had my chance to scour the rails dammit! But by 12.05pm I had this little number in my hands and believe me when I tell you it is the bargain of the year being 42% silk and down from £295 to £20.

Their sale only started on Thursday and this weekend has been more about Kopperberg, ice cream and deck chairs than shopping, so I still think it's worth a mooch. Plus, I also find that Whistles is still thought of as a skinny minnie shop, even though their sizes tend to run a bit bigger, so any size 12 - 16 ladies should still be able to nab a bargain. Happy shopping! x