Note #9 // 16lbs in 16 weeks: The Crux

I've been quiet for a while, right?

And given the food I ate last week, anyone would have looked at me and thought, 'Weight Watchers, you? Yeah right.' Foodwise, it began with fried chicken, burritos and the best guacamole in town at Wahaca. It ended with champagne and kebabs at a girly sleepover (cos I'm classy like that). No, the champagne was actually congratulations from work for digging deep (real deep at times) to help meet targets.

Anywho, the last fortnight has been crucial to my weight loss journey. When I have dieted in the past, I have always come unstuck and got a bit bored and slack with monitoring my food intake around the 6lb/three week mark. But, I'm happy to report that I am now 8.4lbs lighter and fitting in an L instead of an XL in Zara. Boom! It may seem real slow to some people, but I'm really happy with the progression and I always said that I didn't want it to be a diet where I'm miserable - if the girl needs fried chicken, she needs fried chicken (and won't stop going on about it til she gets it). I've just ensured that I've got right back on it the next day.

Better fitting clothes are a major smile-generator, but measuring myself with a tape measure is giving me results that are even more pleasing. I've whittled away three centimetres from my waist, five from my thighs and 1 1/2 cm from each arm. And doing that while enjoying chicken and champagne? Pretty damn pleased. Ten weeks to go, eight lbs to crunch. Let's go!

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