Note #4 // H is for Happiness

I went out with a friend to watch Shakespeare's The Tempest tonight. It was in the most unassuming spot at the back of a pub called The White Bear in South London. I don't think I was expecting much - I mean, if you rocked up to a half-empty, quintessential old man's pub, would you? But surprisingly, I left full of inspiration.

After I had my usual power nap (me + dimmed lighting = guaranteed sleep), I had one of those 'eureka' moments when you suddenly realise something quite profound about life. In this dusty back room were a group of people that probably weren't being paid much, but were putting their all into their performance. They were passionate about what they were doing and as an audience member, I could really sense that coming across. And you could tell, they were happy. These people haven't hit the big time like the Carey Mulligan's and Kiera Knightley's of this world, but they were just happy to do what they loved.

As I sat there, I thought, 'this is what life is about.' Finding what makes you happy and just doing it no matter what. Regardless of whether it makes you a millionaire or is just a hobby, or if you are performing to thousands or an audience of one, find it, harness it and run with it. It's these small things that help us get through the rigmarole and stresses that everyday life brings, helping us to achieve good balance in our lives.

And just because you aren't Beyonce, Shakespeare or Michaelangelo, doesn't mean that your talent or interests should lie dormant. Expressing yourself is a very important thing for your wellbeing and may be something that you do for you, but you never know who you'll bless along the way. So for me, I've always wanted to write, so I've got my little blog going again. I've always liked to dance so I've gotten into Zumba and it's also a goal to try out a swing dance class at some point this year.

So I'd urge you to find something you enjoy, whatever it may be, and find a platform upon which you can do it. It might just make your week.

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