Note #5 // 16lbs in 16 weeks: Week Two

So here are some of the things I'm learning:
  • Never, ever let the cupboard get bare. My stocks are really dwindling. I pride myself on being able to make a meal out of what seems like nothing, but literally all that I had left were some potatoes swinging around in a cupboard, three slices of edam and some questionable slices of ham. So, after ham goes in the bin, dinner becomes chips and cheese! And it was divine I tell you! But anyway, the moral of the story is preparation is key.
  • When you live on your own, cooking for one can be a bit much on a daily basis. Plus, there is the fact that I can never properly ratio a recipe down that feeds four to feed one. I always end up making too much for one, but too little for two, so oops, down the shoot it goes. Last week, one of my saving graces was that I made a massive vegetable lasagne that pretty much lasted me the whole week. So armed with enough Weight Watchers recipes to last me a lifetime thanks to their collaboration with the Daily Mail and BBC Good Food this month, I will be batch cooking and freezing this weekend. If all else fails, I will buy Marks and Spencer's entire stock of Prawn Dim Sum in coconut broth (8pp and heaven on a plate).
  • Never go shopping when you are hungry. Things like this happen: 

  • Measure yourself with a tape measure. I think it is really underrated. My body feels more toned, my face looks a bit slimmer, my stomach feels less bloated and one of my dresses is definitely feeling just the tiniest bit looser. I am beginning this week. Scales have far too much power to plummet you into a bad mood if the numbers don't seem to add up ie. how is it possible that I exercise for two days and stay on track pre-chips and cheese disaster and my weight goes up?
  • Keep busy. The chips and cheese incident only happened because it was Friday night and I had nothing to do, which after the first five-day week of the year I was perfectly grateful for, but as in life with me, if I am allowed too much time to think it can end up in all sorts of disasters. View example train of thought:
"I'm so glad it's Friday!"
"I wish I was out tonight" 
"I'm a 26-year-old grandma. How did it come to this?"
"My life is crap. Hmmm there's cake in the fridge" 
"What have I got to show for my 26 years of life? Hmmm, that cake is still in the fridge" 
*flicks through magazine* "Why don't I look like (insert celeb of envy here)? Well it's not gonna happen by eating the cake in the fridge"
"I'm never gonna lose weight!" *eats the cake in the fridge*

My actual weigh in isn't until Tuesday, so I've still got time to turn it around. This will not happen by sitting typing blog posts so 30 Day Shred is about to happen. And if I do surrender to cake or brownies in future, I will most definitely resort to pleading with my body like the below.


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