Note #2 // How to make a Starbucks Chai Latte at Home

So for months my manager was going on about chai tea latte's (try saying that when bleary eyed on the morning commute) from Starbucks. She finally got me to try one and it was love at first sip. 

Now being the bargainista that I am, I'm always looking for the cheaper way to live the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. Somehow I managed to come across a company called Drink Me Chai, who make an amazing instant chai tea latte spice mix that can be made with water or milk. It's creamy yumminess, caffeine-free and about 100 calories a cup. I find that it's a really good substitute that keeps me away from the work coffee machine that doles out hot chocolates with more calories than lunch!

Chai + Cafetiere = Cut price coffee house couture

And now, thanks to the video below, I've got a cheap way to create that true Starbucks experience with it, at home! 

So I've bought my cafetiere (currently half price at and I am ready to go. One skinny chai latte to go.....have on the sofa. Good times. Have a go and let me know what you think 


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